Sina Mostafawy

I grew up in Tehran/Iran up to the age of 15. Actually I had a wonderful and carefree childhood. I can remember as a child I was much more fascinated by pencils, colors and paintings than other children my age.
Because of the Iran/Iraq war my family moved to Germany in 1981. In terms of drawing I started to do some small cartoons and drawings for the local city newspaper and some local shops.
Later I could finance my studies with medical drawings. I worked for Prof. Dr. Hans-Reinhard Koch as a medical Illustrator. We broke down complex ophthalmologic surgeries in steps which I then illustrated with pencil and charcoal.
I was introduced to the world of oil painting by Sebastian Probst, a famous painter and sculptor in Germany, who became my teacher for several years.
Oil painting is becoming more and more an important point of my life. The time I sit in front of my easel with the brush in my hand, listening to Chopin or Rachmaninoff and putting some color on canvas; I enjoy this time much more than anything else in my life.
So, my goal now is try to increase this part of my life, getting better and find my way of painting.